A great place to meet and enjoy life in comfort and security.

All About Strensall Day Care Centre

A warm welcome every day!

Our goal is to enjoy ourselves. Each and every day, through professionalism and experienced care, we’re here to ensure that all our clients come and enjoy their time with us. Creating a highly competent professional yet friendly atmosphere, we encourage and enable everyone to live as full, interesting and independent a life as possible.

“It’s great to know Dad is safe, well fed and looked after… And so caring. They are always at the end of the phone for help and advice.” Christina Rose

We foster a real ‘club’ feel. Different days mean different activities and family and friends are welcome to drop in and share whatever is going on. There’s usually plenty of laughter whatever we get up to!

No one is required to join in, but everyone is included. We are fully committed to ensuring our clients are fully consulted about their wishes and a quiet room is always ready for some timeout, reading or a post lunch nap if needed.

Our fees are needs-based and dependent of the type of support each client requires to ensure they can fully enjoy their time with us.

Strensall Day Care Centre was established in 2012 and been part of the Riccall Care Group since 2001. The centre is staffed by a five person care team with specialised care training in dementia and all of whom are experienced at NVQ level 2, and some holding a NVQ level 3 qualification in care.

Strensall Day Care Centre is part of the Riccall Care Group of companies. Locally and independently owned, including the award-winning Riccall Care, domiciliary care service. Staff training and development are undertaken by Riccall Care, also an acknowledged leader in care training in the region. Find our more about Riccall Care.

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